Lucky 7 Designs was created out of necessity and demand by consumers and retailers in the Southwest Florida area who desired high-quality, innovative, and competitively priced promotional products, screen printing and custom embroidery. Drawing on his many years of experience and solid reputation building Gator Made Golf into the No. 1 selling brand for specialty golf accessories at most major national retailers, owner Trey Draper was constantly approached at local golf tournaments and other golf events by businesses who wanted their brands and names on clothing or other merchandise to help market their names and products.

Draper realized the need and branched out to offer products outside of the golf industry in order to meet the demands of the business community.

Lucky 7 Designs is named after Draper’s brother, Lance “Lucky” Draper, who passed away almost three years ago. Lance’s favorite number was 7, the number he proudly wore through high school on his football uniform. Because of his Irish background, one of his favorite symbols was the Irish clover, which is distinct in its shape and usually identified with good luck.

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What we provide

Lucky 7 Designs offers a limitless range of screen printing, embroidery, promotional items and custom design work unique for any event, whether it be a private party, a big corporate outing or individual celebrations.

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